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16. -17. November 2017, Zürich (CH)

Call for Participation and Abstracts "Values in Psychiatry - An Interdisciplinary Workshop"

University Hospital of Psychiatry and Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine, University of

The interdisciplinary workshop "Values in Psychiatry" features a discussion on the role of values in psychiatry by means of two keynote lectures and working group sessions with selected participants.

The aim is to bring together mental healthcare professionals, medical ethicists, and researchers of related disciplines to discuss clinical and conceptual research projects and questions. In their everyday practice, mental healthcare professionals are regularly faced with implicitly or explicitly value-laden questions, e.g., when to undertake treatment against the patient's will or how to involve patients in decision making when their decision-making capacity is impaired.

In order to address such questions, mental healthcare professionals have to make use of normative value systems. More implicitly, values figure e.g., in relevant laws and conceptions of mental illness represented in diagnostic systems. Mental healthcare professionals often lack time and expertise to systematically identify, examine, and reflect upon their own values. On the other hand, medical ethicists and researchers of the humanities and the social sciences who do engage in these tasks often lack a clinical background.

The meeting, jointly organized and facilitated by the University Hospital of Psychiatry (Anke Maatz) and the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (Manuel Trachsel and Martina Hodel) with the support of the Graduate Campus, aims to bridge this gap by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue between mental healthcare professionals, medical ethicists, other researchers in the field and the wider public.

In his keynote lecture, the psychiatrist and philosopher Prof. John Z. Sadler conveys an insight into the diverse fashions in which values become relevant in psychiatric practice and research. He will show how to discover and systematically investigate them, and how these insights may be implemented in clinical practice. Prof. Serife Tekin will present her recent work on the self, and discuss this central concept in relation to epistemic values in present-day psychiatry. In the subsequent working group session, junior researchers of various disciplines, as well as mental healthcare professionals are given the opportunity to present their own research projects and questions.

The workshop thus offers the opportunity to get input from experts and to engage in interdisciplinary exchange in plenary and group discussions. If you are interested in participating, please send an email with a short statement (maximum half a page) about your academic, professional and/or experiential background and about your motivation to take part in the workshop to anke.maatz(at) 

until 24th September 2017.

Furthermore, we invite interested practitioners and researchers to present and discuss their own research project or a specific clinical question. Contributions consist of a 20-minute presentation, followed by an intensive group discussion. If you wish to present, please provide us with an abstract of max. 200 words. Notifications about acceptance are sent out by 1st October 2017.