The Journal Ethics in Medicine

The specialist journal Ethics in Medicine is the official organ of the Academy for Ethics in Medicine (AEM) and is being published by Springer since 1986. 

It contains original scientific papers, overviews, keynote and collective essays on central topics, case presentations, discussion contributions from everyday medical ethics as well as information and reviews.

The Peer Review process of the journal Ethics in Medicine

The Peer Review process is anonymous!

At least two reviewers from the field will evaluate the manuscript according to the following criteria:

  • Is it an original paper?
  • Does the key proposition of the manuscript contribute an important and innovative aspect to the state of the art?
  • Did the author respect the rules of the "Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice" paper of the German Research Foundation (DFG)?

This evaluation is followed by a summary of the experts' assessments. The summary also contains the decision whether the manuscript will be published in the journal. In case of discrepancies between the two reviews, a third reviewer is asked to evaluate the manuscript.

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