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5. - 6. Juli 2018, Dublin (IE)

International Workshop Announcement: "Ethics in Research and Innovation"

  The ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technologies and Science Foundation Ireland are pleased to announce an international workshop on ethics in research and innovation.

Dates: July 5th & 6th
Location: Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Description: The "Ethics in Research and Innovation: Methods and Best Practice" workshop will take place on 5th and 6th of July 2018 in Trinity College Dublin, and will gather prominent experts from the fields of data ethics, applied ethics and responsible research and innovation from across academia, industry and civil society organisations. Its main purpose is to discuss and share knowledge about the state of the art and best practices concerning methods for practising ethics in R&I.

The workshop is sponsored by the ADAPT Centre < > for digital content technologies. As digital technologies play an increasingly important role in our everyday lives, the ethical impacts of their application becomes a focal point of academic and public debate.

However the development of robust ethical practices that can be applied to the ever-accelerating research and innovation (R&I) processes underpinning new digital technologies remains a challenge. While governments are moving towards improving protection of individual data privacy, e.g. through the EU introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, private bodies and public organisations are struggling to establishing robust ethical principles that can keep pace the the accelerating rate of change in digital technologies.

The workshop will explore ways in which we might deal with these challenges through a discussion of methods and best practices. Confirmed keynotes: Philip Brey (University of Twente) Gemma Galdon Clavell (Eticas) Robin Wilton (Internet Society) Arturo Calvo (Accenture)

Applications: Places for the workshop are limited. Scholars, industry experts and people working in CSOs are welcome to register for the workshop using the following link: 

Workshop organisers: Dr. David Lewis Dr. Bert Gordijn Harshvardhan Pandit Wessel Reijers Rebecca Wilson -- Wessel Reijers PhD Researcher ADAPT Centre School of Computing | Dublin City University m: +353874395112 e: wreijers(at)