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29. Juni - 1 Juli 2017, Universität Siegen

CfP: 30th Annual Conference "Healing Cooperations Cooperation With and Without Consensus in the Context of Illness and Healing"

30th Annual Conference of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomedizin e.V. (AGEM) in Collaboration with the Collaborative Research Center Media of Cooperation 

Every society is historically and currently familiar with different and shifting explanations for health and illness, and knows of different approaches to maintain the former and treat the latter. Healers, doctors, and patients are thus confronted with a multitude of partially contradictory therapies.

Similar to non-biomedical therapies, bio- medicine itself is fragmented into differing approaches. Faced with the division of the body and corresponding medical experts for specific body parts, patients as well as healers and doctors have to navigate partially contradictory assessments of the causes of illnesses and their treatment. Healing therefore requires cooperation with and without consensus between the most diverse actors.

This conference seeks to examine such historical and current practices of healing cooperations around the world. Questions for contributions might include:

- How are compromises and/or syntheses in differing constellations achieved in practice?

- What kind of entities (e.g. humans, viruses, spirits, bacteria, machines, plants, genes, etc.) are involved and which negotiations lead to which results?

- How are specific healing situations connected to organized care facilities and structures and which tensions may arise?

- What kind of effects are created by alternating and/or simultaneously undergoing divergent and/or contradictory therapies?

- What kind of media, technologies, and infrastructures are involved in healing cooperations and how do they create various healing publics?

The aim of the conference is the joint discussion of different practices of healing cooperations, which we conceive as the laborious processing of ill-structured problems and open-ended ways of healing.

Conference Language: German and English

Please send one-page proposals for contributions and a short CV (deadline: 13 January 2017) to: Ehler Voss ehler.voss(at)  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomedizin 

Cornelius Schubert cornelius.schubert(at)  SFB Medien der Kooperation