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16. Mai 2017, London (GB)

Annual workshop of the European network of paediatric research at the EMA (Enpr-EMA) - Registration open until 28/04/2017.

Termin: 16.5.2017, 9:00 Uhr, bis 16.5.2017, 18:00 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort: 30 Churchill Place Canary Wharf London

Weitere Informationen:

 The ninth annual workshop of the European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (Enpr-EMA) aims to bring relevant stakeholders together to discuss requirements, barriers and opportunities for high-quality clinical studies in children. Among the highlights of this year's workshop are the recent efforts to increase cooperation between the European Union and the United States to facilitate global paediatric trials and medicine developments.

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