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1. - 3. Oktober 2017, Israel

CfA (submissions until May 3rd 2017) Workshop and Special Issue: "Frozen: Social and Bioethical Aspects of Cryo-Fertility"

Workshop and Special Issue: "Frozen: Social and Bioethical Aspects of Cryo-Fertility"

Workshop dates and venue: October 1-3, 2017, Israel

Organizers: Prof. Aviad Raz, Medical Sociology and Organizations, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, Ben-Gurion University. Prof. Yael Hashiloni-Dolev, Medical Sociology and Bioethics, School of Government and Society, Tel-Aviv-Yafo Academic College. Prof. Charlotte Kroløkke, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. Prof. Dr. Schicktanz Silke, Cultural and ethical studies of Biomedicine, University Medical Center Göttingen.

Themes and Aims: Cryo-fertility technologies, which include for example cryo-preservation of embryos, social egg freezing and posthumous reproduction, have become a burgeoning field for socio-anthropological, medico-legal and bioethical analyses. These novel technological practices, now standard in contemporary biotechnology, reshape the boundaries between life and death, mortality and generativity, and the "biological clock" versus social and personal time.

As such they carry far-reaching social, ethical and medico-legal implications that are not yet fully understood. For the first time in history, technology enables to disconnect our reproductive potential from its time-bound biological basis. The international Minerva-Gentner symposium (funded by The Minerva Foundation) intends to discuss these issues in a comparative, inter-disciplinary and international context. We invite original scholarly work from sociologists, anthropologists, bioethicists, legal scholars and medical doctors from Germany, Denmark and Israel on any topic related to cryo-fertility technologies. Of particular interest are papers that explore the following themes: · The diversity of medico-legal policies, social reasoning and moral pluralism concerning cryo-preservation of embryos, social egg freezing and posthumous reproduction. · The influence of cryo-reproduction technologies on national and global trends in reproductive tourism or "cross-border reproductive care". ·

The influence of cryo-fertility on the social and technological construction of new (and old) forms of family and career planning, generativity and kinship. · Gaps between medico-legal policies and public demands, and the debates they entail. · Cryo-preservation in the context of increased reproductive autonomy and social pressures targeting women. Abstracts will also be considered for a peer-reviewed special issue addressing the topic. Abstracts could be submitted for either the workshop or the special issue, or both. Please note that due to the policies of the Minerva Foundation, workshop participants can be from Germany, Denmark and Israel only. Submission of abstracts for the special issue can be done irrespective of nationality. The Minerva grant will cover the travel and accommodation costs of workshop participants.

Submissions Guidelines: Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words. Submissions should be sent to by May 3rd 2017. Please indicate whether your abstract is being submitted for the workshop, for the special issue, or both.